X-Factor: The Boss

I am Chrissie Bantjes known by my radio name, X – Factor, and I am proud to call Alternative Views Radio (AVRADIO.ZA) my own.

I had the privilege to start my radio career at Spinn Radio where I was a presenter of programs like “Klip in die bos” and “Let us remember”.

However I soon realized that I didn’t cope very well with the energies Spinn Radio has and decided to leave the station. I was told by a lady friend of mine to stay away from radio’s. Being whom I am, that made me put on my thinking cap.

I entered into a competition that was run by Spinn Radio and USL Services.
Needless to say I was lucky enough to win and became the proud owner of a domain that I call Alternative Views, my intention was to start a blog. The seed of starting a radio station was planted during the process of setting up the domain and blog by a very dear friend.

I started to play with the idea and before I knew what happened my dearest husband offered to sponsor me for a few months. I took his offer in the stride and the planning started.

I became friends with Nina Ganci before I left Spinn Radio, after she was interviewed by my husband Victor on his program, “Pagan Talk”, that later changed to “Tell us more”. We started talking and I ran the idea of the radio station by her, being a successful businesswoman herself she immediately said that she can see the potential and we became a mean team. Nina became my business advisor and together we started working on project AVRADIO.ZA

A few weeks of hard work and long hours of brainstorming brought us to the point where started the facebook like page Alternative Views Radio and the group page


I did the first live test broadcast on 9 April 2017 at 14:00.

The link to the podcast of that broadcast is

I would like to thank everybody that made it possible for this dream to come true. Love and Light to all.

17 September 2017

I take great pleasure to announce that my husband Victor Bantjes has now officially joined the ranks and as a presenter and IT support he only adds value to AV Radio. 

Good Evening from me X – Factor and welcome to the first live broadcast of
AVRADIO.ZA. AVRADIO.ZA is the abbreviation for Alternative Views Radio.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who had a share in making this wonderful event possible.

My loving husband Victor and our daughter Noenoe for their support, encourragement and patience when I started to look in to starting this radio station. The long hours that they had to put up with little to none of my attention. My dear husband and loving daughter my gratitude for your support during this porcess could never be put into words in a million years. I love the two of you so much.

Nina Ganci, my bussiness advisor and mentor. Your positive and energetic support kept the sunshine for me when I doubted myself. Thank You sunshine.

Wolfy and Corrie and the rest of the team of USL services for your wonderful service. With a team like this behind me I don’t doubt that AVRADIO.ZA is going to be a huge success.

Last but not least the people of Spinn Radio, thank you for the experience that I got while I was with Spinn Radio. I really appreciate it that I was allowed to learn from you people.

When I was asked why Alternative Views Radio, I could only give the truth.
What is the truth you would ask…. Well I realized that there is a need for people with holistic and alternative views to have a platform to air their views without being judged and ridiculed for their views.
AVRADIO.ZA is going to be a holistic radio station where we aim to focus on feeding the body, mind and soul of those who have the need for it.