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Monday Evenings: Ancient Astrology with Krassi

Join Krassi for her weekly take on astrological movements and events. Her internationally recognised broadcasts are always entertaining and insightful.

She is a graduate of the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London where she obtained the DMA title in medieval astrology.

Krasi is an astronomy graduate of the Belgian observatory Urania.

She is a student and researcher of Assyriology of the   Ghent University of Belgium. Her research profile is on the translation of ancient astronomical text from Accadian- a language spoken in ancient Babylon.

Tuesday Evenings: Live Your Truth – Heal Your Life with Kevin McKee

Explore concepts we take for granted and their impact on our daily lives.  We discuss everything – nothing is off limits. Kevin’s unique view of spiritual concepts is sometimes alarming, sometimes consoling and sometimes downright weird. Join us and discover YOUR Truth and live YOUR life. Not the life others have chosen for you, not the life your religions expect you too, not the life your Gods and Goddesses apparently demand but a fulfilling life dictated only by your own soul and guidance.

Break free of the preconceived ideas and indoctrination you have been brainwashed with and find a path that is uniquely yours. Challenge the concepts and core values you have been brought up with and embrace a life that shines with joy and promise.

Wednesday Evenings: The Naked Soul with Anna-Marie Jansen

The Naked Soul – Anna’s eclectic and so is her show. Join her as she talks about everything from the sacred divinity inside us to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Take deep soul dives and float in the shallow waters of patterns we need to change. There’s nothing she won’t talk about so open your mind and leave your taboos at the door. 

Every week Anna-Marie will run you through a tarot and an oracle for the week and discuss various topics related to spirituality, paganism, witchcraft and cognitive behavioural therapy. Her obsessions change on a regular basis and her show is likely to follow suit. The only thing you can count on expecting is the unexpected.

In true Gemini nature, Anna-Marie loves to engage and encourages you to send feedback, questions and suggestions. 

First Thursday of the Month: Let’s Talk Angels with Dianne Radloff

Join Dianne in her grounded and practical discussions where she explores our reality through the experiences of the Angelic Realm. Her down to earth way of explaining and guiding is easy to listen too and very informative.

Her natural ability to communicate is entertaining and easy to listen too.

Second Thursday of the Month: Esoteric Exchange

Join Angela every second Thursday of the month, where she will be chatting with different guests from the esoteric world. This show aims to bring you a wide variety of metaphysical modalities and ways of thinking, from the sublime and perhaps even the ridiculous. She will also be choosing a book a month to chat about as well as looking at the energies of the month ahead and what the tarot and numerology advises, as well as which crystal she recommends and why.

Additional Thursdays: X-Factor: To Be or Not to Be

Join X-Factor for her views on life, love and everything else. Always entertaining and interesting.

Friday: Ash VS Paranormal

Join Ash as he shares elements of his paranormal investigations, important information and guidelines for dealing with and exploring the paranormal.

South Africa’s very own paranormal investigation team investigates various modern and traditional techniques to tackle not only ghosts but also traditional local mythology. Raw, unedited and real.

Para-share Segment

As part of the show, Ash is doing a para-share segment and you are invited to send your experiences to him on para-share segment : 0735139043 or mail