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Kevin is a Radio Presenter, Motivational Speaker, Empowerment Facilitator, Healer and Teacher based in Johannesburg South – The Hill. His speciality is breaking through barriers of preconceived ideas and concepts and helping people find and live their OWN truth; not the truth of others they have been indoctrinated with. His tools include courses and consultations, presentations and individual sessions.

He has been interviewed on Eden Radio and twice on Cliff Central and his regular Radio Shows on Alternate Views Radio ( are always great fun and enlightening to listen to.

His approach is practical and he delights in busting myths and bullshit surrounding modern spirituality.

If you want your life to stay the same – DO NOT – I repeat – DO NOT – listen to Kevin – avoid him at all costs!!

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072 212 2376

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Show Recordings: Live Your Truth-Heal Your Life

Show recordings: Oh Fok! What Now!

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