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As full time Channelling Consultant and Energy Educator Geraldine Whitewolf has accumulated vast amounts of wisdom through clear Divine communication and co creating with the numerous incarnations that make up her Soul Tribe.

Considering and treating ALL her incarnations and the spirit world as though living in the present moment allows her perception and understanding of life to be multidimensional and spiritually unlimited.

Sponsored by Infinite Divine Love, Geraldine Whitewolf has spent the last few years traveling South Africa presenting highly evolved spiritual events and workshops on donation to ensure equal spiritual opportunity for all.

Her ability to channel continuously for a full day has stunned people and she is well known for her beautiful life changing Guided Journeys. Yet it is her understanding and knowing that ALL sentient beings are omnipresent that make her teachings authentic and powerful.

Geraldine believes that channelling happens naturally in every moment of life and simply need be understood. She uses her channelling abilities to communicate on behalf of comatose patients, the physical disabled, Animals, Loved ones on the other side, Angels and spirit guides and of course her past, present and future incarnations.

All in all, she and her Tribe remind humanity the universe be to infinity and beyond and that none ever walk alone!


Skype: geraldine.whitewolf


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