Anthea – Saint Germain “I AM” Teachings

Anthea Torr – FREE “I AM” Workshop –

Anthea has been running workshops on the Ascended Master Teachings since early 2010, locally in South Africa and internationally.

Her life is now devoted entirely to assisting the Great Ascended Master Saint Germain, Whose ultimate responsibility it is to bring the Earth into her Glorious Freedom, and restore Her original pristine beauty and Perfection, over the next 2000 years, and all the Hosts of Heaven helping with this colossal task. And to sharing the knowledge given to humanity once again, during the last century (through accredited Messengers), of the individualized “I AM” Presence of God, in each of us, and the ‘Laws of Life’ (that never change), and the breaking of which, is the cause of all the destruction and devastation written on the face of our planet and its people.

Having the Occult Law lifted in 1930, Saint Germain and other the Ascended Masters, were at liberty to bring this knowledge once again, to humanity. They have done this in a simple easy-to-understand way, so even children can understand, learn and apply these Teachings.

Three years ago, with a Force greater that her human will, Anthea set off on a Mission from Cape Town, to travel through South Africa and countries beyond. Once her home was sold in Noordhoek, and business handed over to friends, she bought a motorhome, waved goodbye to her children and friends, and set off to fulfill her inner calling! She makes it very clear that she takes no credit for these Teachings in any way, and adds nothing to them – they are pure and untouched.

Being permanently on the road now, she finds living in the motorhome the most convenient way to travel and do her work and is available and willing to travel wherever she is called to run workshops and give talks. These are always free, as this is not a commercial endeavour.

She says: “Most people know and feel that we are in times of GREAT change, the ‘end times’ that are prophesied in Sacred Texts, and if we are to change our world, in the short allotted time, we need to change ourselves and to do things differently and there is a sense of urgency for this now. After millions of years of misuse of life, and 1000’s of lifetimes to awaken, The Ascended Masters, were given a LAST CHANCE, by the Heavenly Hierarchy, to try and awaken the people of the Earth to the knowledge of their own SOURCE of Life, their individualized “I AM” Presence of God, the ‘Laws of Life’, and the essential knowledge and use of the ‘Sacred Fire.’”

We have the potential of our Great God-parents, Alpha and Omega, to live lives of Perfection, continual Harmony, Peace, Immortality, Abundance and Unconditional Love, and it is our Sacred Duty to surrender to our “I AM” Presence, to learn the Ways of Light, we ALL once knew, and endeavour to fulfill our Divine Plan and that for our earth.

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