About Us

Welcome to Alternative Views

I am Chrissie Bantjes known by my radio name, X – Factor, and I am proud to call Alternative Views Radio (AVRADIO.ZA) my own.

I had the privilege to start my radio career at Spinn Radio where I was a presenter of programs like “Klip in die bos” and “Let us remember”.

However I soon realized that I didn’t cope very well with the energies Spinn Radio has and decided to leave the station. I was told by a lady friend of mine to stay away from radio’s. Being whom I am, that made me put on my thinking cap.

I entered into a competition that was run by Spinn Radio and USL Services.
Needless to say I was lucky enough to win and became the proud owner of a domain that I call Alternative Views, my intention was to start a blog. The seed of starting a radio station was planted during the process of setting up the domain and blog by a very dear friend.

I started to play with the idea and before I knew what happened my dearest husband offered to sponsor me for a few months. I took his offer in the stride and the planning started.

I became friends with Nina Ganci before I left Spinn Radio, after she was interviewed by my husband Victor on his program, “Pagan Talk”, that later changed to “Tell us more”. We started talking and I ran the idea of the radio station by her, being a successful businesswoman herself she immediately said that she can see the potential and we became a mean team. Nina became my business advisor and together we started working on project AVRADIO.ZA

A few weeks of hard work and long hours of brainstorming brought us to the point where started the facebook like page Alternative Views Radio and the group page


I did the first live test broadcast on 9 April 2017 at 14:00.

The link to the podcast of that broadcast is

I would like to thank everybody that made it possible for this dream to come true. Love and Light to all.

17 September 2017

I take great pleasure to announce that my husband Victor Bantjes has now officially joined the ranks and as a presenter and IT support he only adds value to AV Radio.